Our day care centre opened its doors in September 2022 in the newly built Planetensiedlung in Pulheim. Until the new premises in Sinnersdorf are completed, we are temporarily housed in containers. The bright, spacious and child-friendly rooms offer an environment where the children can feel completely at ease.

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Pulheim - Bewegungsraum
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Pulheim - Gruppenraum
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Educational concept

We support our children as they mature into independent, self-determined individuals with confident social skills. That’s why our facility is designed with the children’s living environment in mind. Our top priorities are equal opportunities, safeguarding and respect for children's rights. We see ourselves as a community that welcomes everyone, and by the time the children leave, they will have matured and blossomed. Participation is a vital component in our educational philosophy: the children can actively contribute to topics that concern them through group conferences, via our children's council, and in everyday activities. We use a combination of the Berlin and Munich settling-in models to help the children when they first arrive. 

Our daycare centre offers a blend of group activities and free play: every child has a core group for morning circle time, meals and quiet times. During the rest of the day, children can mingle between groups and engage in free play in the adjoining rooms.

Our daycare centre has an emergency plan, child protection plan, and sex education plan, all of which can be viewed on request.

General Information

Childcare age:
from 2 years to school entry

Number of groups:
1 nursery group (under 3 years)
2 kindergarten groups (over 3 years)


Opening & Closing Hours

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
07.30am - 4.30pm

Closure periods:
• 2 weeks in summer 
• 2 weeks over Christmas 
• Weiberfastnacht (Women's Carnival Day) ½ day
• Rosenmontag (Shrove Monday)
• 1 team day
• 2 pedagogical days 
• 2 educational training days (after Christi Himmelfahrt and Fronleichnam)

Address and Contact
Kleine Riesen


Kometenallee 1
50259 Pulheim

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Daycare contact

Julia Steeg, daycare management 
Questions about settling in and allocation of places — pre-registration is only possible online

02238 84 59 700

Management contact

Advice for parents and sales
Questions about applications and options for covering costs

0711 35 116 40

Office hours:
Monday, 9 to 11am
Tuesday, 2 to 4pm