Our pedagogical profil

Our Curriculum

Learn about the Little Giants curriculum.

The high-quality Little Giants is focused on your child.

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Quality Child Care

Learn more about the criteria for high-quality child care

Read about the core values of the Little Giants curriculum.

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Growing up in a bilingual environment

At Little Giants immerse in a second language from the beginning.

Growing up in a bilingual familiy - at Little Giants children learn a second language without studying vocabulary or grammar.

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Nursery Curriculum

The Little Giants curriculum offers age-appropriate activities from the beginning

The first three years of life are an important period, that prepares for rest of our lives. Learn more about our nursery curriculum.

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Kindergarten and preschool curriculum

Our kindergarten curriculum enables children to discover our world through play.

Our curriculum prepares children to be successful in school. We especially focus on the intelectual and social development of your child.

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Learning activities

The holistic Little Giants curriculum focuses on all developemental areas.

To ensure a nurturing environment for your child our monthly and weekly themes include topics and activities that foster all developmental areas.

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Scientific Background

The Little Giants curriculum is bases on established theories on early learning.

Read more about the scientific background of the Little Giants curriculum.

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