Contact details of the nursery teams

Do you have any questions about settling in and allocating of places?
Then please visit our daycare centre pages.
There you will find the contact details of the daycare centre manager.

To the centres 

The Babilou Family management team
for the Kleinen Riesen, Little Giants & Petits Géants

Babilou Family Germany works closely with the daycare centres as an administration team
and is happy to answer all your questions and concerns.


HR department

Alexandra Schuster

HR consultant for Munich

0151 54 62 47 10 

Melanie Weber

HR consultant for Baden-Württemberg

0171 68 28 710 

Laura Spitzer

HR consultant for Cologne

0171 68 46 902 

Jeanette Ledgister

HR consultant for Düsseldorf, Essen, Hamburg, Hannover, Magdeburg

0171 68 31 102 

Stella Brießmann

HR consultant for Münster

0151 560 517 83 

Svenja Kaufmann

HR consultant for Bavaria (Aschaffenburg, Nuremberg)

0175 737 84 41 




Kaya Kuhlmann

HR administrator 

0175 969 03 39 


Advice for parents

Do you have questions about applications and the options for meeting costs?
Just email us or give us a call during the following office hours:  
Monday from 9am to 11am or  
Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm  

Cluster managers

Julia Michelko

Cluster manager for Baden-Württemberg 

0171 68 35 997

Jonas Ziermeier

Cluster manager for Bavaria (Munich)  

0174 51 55 571

Kim Gattung

Cluster manager for Bavaria (Aschaffenburg, Nuremberg), NRW (Cologne on the right bank, Pulheim)

0160 97 74 38 29

Sandra Ruhwinkel

Cluster manager for Hamburg, Lower Saxony, NRW (Cologne on the left bank, Düsseldorf, Essen, Münster), Saxony-Anhalt

0172 58 51 712


Other contacts