Our Quality Standards

Highest-quality child care is based on standards. These are integral part of our philosophy. If standards are not met, the healthy development of a child is not guaranteed. Our child care is based on four principles:


Continuity supports the need of small children for intimate relationships. At Little Giants, we carefully introduce children to daycare as well as make transitions to new groups very slowly and carefully.

Individuelle Betreuung

Individualized Care

We acknowledge the individual needs of each child. This supports the well-being and positive self-awareness. It is very important that children never feel bad about themselves or excluded from the group, because their needs differ from those of others. Immediate reaction to individual needs fosters the development of independent behavior. Generally the Little Giants program adapts to the child and not vice versa. Therefore, the child feels that it is important, that its needs are satisfied and that its choices, preferences and impulses are respected.

Small Groups

Studies show that small groups and a good caregiver-children-ratio are the two main criteria for high-quality daycare. Generally, the younger the child is, the smaller is the group. Small groups support individualized care, which babies and young children need, the freedom to safely discover and explore and an intimate relationship between children and their primary caregiver.

Gruppengröße / Betreuungsschlüssel

Primary Care

Little Giants uses primary caregiving. This means that each child is assigned to one primary caregiver, who is the responsible for its care. If the daily attendance of a child exceeds the working hours of the primary caregiver, a second caregiver takes over the care. Our staff works closely together, to ensure smooth teamwork among primary caregivers. Primary caregiving does not mean, that a child has only contact to one person. However, the main responsibility for a child is clearly assigned at all times.