Bilingual Education

Bilingual Eduction Through Immersion

The english-speaking caregiver of your child offers the same activities and learning centres as her German counterpart. She only speaks English, wheareas the German caregiver only speaks German. Thus, your child experiences all learning experiences and simultaneously learns a second language.

Most children get used to the second language within a very short period of time. All children, especially recently enroled children, get assistence by a caregiver, who speaks their native tongue, to ensure proper communication.

Frequently asked questions on bilingual learning

Is the Little Giants curriculum primarily targeted at english-speaking families?

No, most of the children speak German at home.

What is the best age for learning a second language?

Generally speaking, it is never to early to learn a second language. Studies show, that children that learn a second language before they turn four, use the same region of their brains as they use for learning their native language.

What are the benefits of early multilingualism?

Many children derive benefits from learning a second language at an early age. These include better school performance and problem-solving skills, but also greater creativity and a better understanding of complex issues. Even if the child loses intensive contact with the foreign language during the primary school years, he or she will relearn the language faster and better than other children in secondary schools.
Indirect benefits of early multilingualism include higher self-confidence and increased awareness of other and foreign cultures.


Will learning a second language harm my child's German skills?

In most cases, learning a second language actually strengthens your child's German knowledge and skills. The comparison between two different languages helps the child to understand each one better.

Is it more difficult for a child to learn two languages at once?

Hierfür gibt es keinerlei empirische Beweise. Ein Kind muss weder besondere Fähigkeiten haben noch spezielle Züge aufweisen, um zweisprachig aufzuwachsen. Solange ein Kind von zwei Sprachen von frühster Kindheit an umgeben ist, so wird es diese auch erlernen.