Kindergarten & Preschool

The centrepiece of our kindergarten curriculum are learning centres, which give children the opportunity to play by themselves or in groups.

Typical learning centres are:

BooksBlocksHousehold / Dramatic PlayArtSensory experiences / Sand and Water
Physical activitiesDiscovery / ScienceOutdoor activitiesMusicTabletop toys: Puzzles, etc.

Learning centres are complemented by learning stations that can by used by one child alone our by a group of two children.

During the course of the day, children make their own choices. The mark their decisions on our choice boards. Furthermore, we offer group activities and projects. Once every day, all children gather for circle time to reflect and document the day's experiences. Based on our curriculum our staff permanently designs new learning centres, that are adapted to children in their rooms. Our curriculum includes elements of language education, mathematical and scientific thinking, projects, environmental topics and art. These elements are integrated into daily activities, learning centres and projects.

Important Lessons in Kindergarten

Tour program is designed to equip children with the skills necessary for kindergarten. We emphasize intellectual and social development. Health and fitness are supported by daily physical activities.



The Little Giants preschool curriculum is designed to prepare children for the challenges of school. Children train the skills necessary for academic success. We focus on independent working and problem solving.
The age, at which children begin preschool, depends not only on the developmental status of the child, but also on the decision of the parents when the child should be enrolled in school.


Learning In Preschool

Our program is designed to teach children the skills necessary for success in school. The intellectual and social development of each individual child is of utmost importance to us.

Holistic Approach

We prepare children in a holistic manner for schools. We encourage learning in all developmental areas. Our preschool curriculum is neither kindergarten nor school. We focus on learning how to efficiently acquire knowledge and on fostering independent thinking.

As in all other age groups our preschool curriculum caters to the interests of the children. For this particular age group we use a more structured approach.

At younger ages children make learning experiences in all areas of the centres, in preschool however they learn twice a day for a limited time of day sitting at the table. Since a certain level of maturity is required, this is only expected from preschoolers. Children are awarded for their patience by especially interesting and relevant activities. For instance, after learning for several weeks about traffic safety, the whole group visits a traffic training camp. Here the lessons learned can be applied in safe real world setting.

In preschool children need to think and work independently. In fun games we train fine motor skills, that are the prerequisite for writing, and mathematical concepts. In order to fully benefit from our preschool, language skills need to have reached an adequate level. To foster team spirit children work in groups on projects. Moreover, competitive games celebrate learning success.

Our caregivers carefully monitor the individual learning of each child and design projects and activities, which contribute to future academic success.

The cornerstone of our preschool curriculum are highly educational learning centres, which enable children to learn and play either alone or in small groups. Our staff supports children in order to maximize learning experiences. Language development, mathematical and scientific concepts are part of every learning centre. We constantly change our learning environment, our activities and projects to meet emerging interests and individual learning goals. Learning centres offer the opportunity to make guided experiences that support the optimal development of a child and prepare for school.

During a typical day at Little Giants, children decide on their own, what they want to do and mark their decision on choice boards. In addition, we offer group activities and projects. Once or twice a day all children gather for circle time and reflect and document their learning experiences. At this very young age they are encouraged to step up and talk about their experiences and ideas. In doing so, children do eventually never build up negative feelings like stage fright and fear of public speaking. They become self-conscious human beings and receive a gift they will value for the rest of their lives.

Based on our curriculum our staff constantly creates new learning centres, which are adapted to the needs of the children. Our innovative curriculum comprises elements of language education, math and science, our environment, projects and art. All these concepts are integrated into our daily activities and into our learning centres. To make sure that parents are always informed, schedules and activities are posted in the rooms.