Nursery & Kindergarten

Our Values

Each child is unique

Every child is an individual with special interests, needs and capabilities. We deeply respect the uniqueness of each child. At Little Giants, children receive individualized care, so that they can develop their skills and personality.

Stimulating learning experiences

Children are naturally-born learners. We adapt our learning environment and our curriculum to each child's individual needs. Children are encouraged to make learning experiences and to discover the world around us.

Health and safety

Children should grow up in a healthy and safe environment, which gives them the freedom to explore, play and learn. We offer a well-balanced and healthy diet, sufficient opportunities for physical activities and early health education (oral hygiene, hand washing).

Parents are partners

We believe that high-quality childcare is based on intensive parent-caregiver communication. In Little Giants centers, parents receive written or oral information about their children on a daily basis. We diligently document each child's development and learning. Routine parent-caregiver conferences help parents to better understand their child's development and his or her adapting to the child care setting.

Affectionate care

All children, especially very young ones, need the warm and affectionate care of an adult person they trust. Little Giants assigns a primary caregiver, whose responsibility is to provided individualized care for each child and stimulate learning experiences.

A great place to work

Employee satisfaction is a key factor in high-quality child care. Little Giants strives to offer its employees a safe and satisfying workplace. By offering routine training sessions we not only continuously improve our quality, but also increase employee satisfaction.