Aschaffenburg Obernau

Our day care centre opened in June 2022 and is located about 3 kilometres from the centre of Aschaffenburg. Our pedagogical focus is on multicultural education, so we welcome children and parents of all nationalities and backgrounds.

Our modern, well-equipped facilities offer children an atmosphere where they can feel completely at ease. All group rooms have air conditioning. Our outdoor play area also offers plenty of space for games and romping about. A highlight for many children is our nano-aquarium: this is a fascinating underwater world, which we look after together and where children can observe aquatic animals such as snails, shrimps and crabs.

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Siegel für einsprachige Kita deutsch
Kita Aschaffenburg Obernau - Spielplatz
Kita Aschaffenburg Obernau - Spielplatz
Kita Aschaffenburg Obernau von Außen
Kita Aschaffenburg Obernau - Flur
Kita Aschaffenburg Obernau - Gruppenraum
Kita Aschaffenburg Obernau - Gruppenraum

Educational concept

In our daycare centre, we focus on multicultural education: this includes a pedagogical philosophy that promotes the coexistence of people from different backgrounds. We see difference as an opportunity to learn from each other and find ways to tackle feelings of alienation and otherness. This approach enables us work with the very youngest children to promote tolerance, acceptance and respect for people from other countries, and for those with different opinions, traditions and lifestyles.

We use the Talking Hands method to facilitate communication between German and non-German speaking children and to promote integration. This involves all of us learning signs for specific terms to complement and support our spoken interactions. Use of the child-friendly METACOM symbol system is another way we simplify communication.

Our nano-aquarium allows us to use animals to support our educational approach: children regard the small "swimming animals" as a source of comfort during the settling-in phase. The animals provide a distraction when parents are saying goodbye as well as encouraging observation skills and contributing to a relaxing environment.

General Information

Childcare age:
from age 1  to school entry

Number of groups:
1 nursery group
1 kindergarten group


Opening & Closing Hours

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
07.30am - 4.30pm

Closure periods:
• 2 weeks in summer 
• 2 weeks over Christmas 
• 1 team day
• 2 pedagogical days 
• 2 educational training days (after Christi Himmelfahrt and Fronleichnam)

Address and Contact
Kleine Riesen
Aschaffenburg Obernau


Regerstraße 13
63743 Aschaffenburg

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Registration is via the Little Bird online system for the city of Aschaffenburg.


Daycare contact

Isabelle Fong, daycare management
Questions about settling in and allocation of places — pre-registration is only possible online.

06028 999 65 25

Management contact

Advice for parents and sales
Questions about applications and options for covering costs

0711 35 116 40

Office hours:
Monday, 9 to 11am
Tuesday, 2 to 4pm