Munich Perlach

Our day care centre was opened in 2016 and is located immediately next to Munich's Ostpark. Here, children can spend the day in a family atmosphere, having lots of fun as part of a lively community of children. Our bright, well-maintained rooms feature a lovely design and are equipped with the children's needs in mind. There are lots of options for the children to go on excursions and walks together in the nearby Ostpark or visit the playgrounds and quiet streets in the surrounding area. Everyday contact with local residents has become an integral part of our work. Little festivities help strengthen our bond with the residential area and promote mutual understanding.

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Siegel für zweisprachige Kita deutsch und englisch
Kita Garten
Kita Garten
Gruppenraum in Kita
München Gruppenraum der Kita
Kuschelecke in Kita
Kita Schlafraum

Educational concept

The focus of our pedagogical work is always each individual child with their specific needs and desire to learn. We follow a situational approach in our work: we take the children's existing lifestyle, worries, highlights, learning desires and areas of conflict as a starting point and design our everyday educational routine accordingly. We see learning as an exchange of ideas about a particular topic. What matters to us is the experience, not the concrete outcome. 

We invite each child to become a part of the community and to explore their potential. Our common goal is to teach all the children self-confidence, independent thinking, the ability to listen and share, and the capacity to deal with their own mistakes. Our goal is to impart a positive attitude to learning, so they are ready for the transition to school. 

The KESS Institute offers our families counselling and support in the areas of speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy and learning therapy. We adapt our activities depending on what the children want to learn and coordinate this programme with the families. For example, we have a partnership with the sports club SVN München e.V., which offers courses for our children.

General Information

Childcare age:
from 1 year to school entry

Number of groups:
2 nursery groups
2 kindergarten groups

Bilingual German & English

Opening & Closing Hours

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Closure periods:
• 2 weeks in summer 
• 2 weeks over Christmas 
• 5 pedagogical days 
• 2 educational training days (after Christi Himmelfahrt and Fronleichnam)

Address and Contact
Little Giants
Munich Perlach


Albert-Schweitzer-Str. 72a
81735 München

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Registration is via the Kita Finder online system for the city of Munich.


Daycare contact

Anna Katharina Geweth, daycare management
Questions about settling in and allocation of places - pre-registration is only possible online 

089 20 98 85 25

Management contact

Advice for parents and sales
Questions about applications and options for covering costs

0711 35 116 40

Office hours:
Monday, 9 to 11am
Tuesday, 2 to 4pm