Hamburg Lokstedt

Our day care centre is currently the largest French-speaking facility in Hamburg, which is why it is so popular among the many French-speaking or Francophile families in the city. Our proximity to the Lycée Français is especially convenient for parents with several children. Our well-equipped group rooms offer children a variety of opportunities to pursue their individual interests and needs: they can retreat to the cosy reading corner, let off steam in the movement room, use the dining room and playroom for puzzles, building or role-playing, or get involved in artistic activities in the studio. In addition, our spacious outdoor area offers plenty of room to romp and play to their heart's content.

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Siegel für zweisprachige Kita deutsch und französisch
Little Giants Hamburg Lokstedt Außenfläche mit Holzzug und Gebäude
Hamburg Lokstedt - Eingang
Hamburg Lokstedt - Gruppenraum
Hamburg Lokstedt - Morgenkreisecke
Hamburg Lokstedt - Turnhalle

Educational concept

We welcome all children and want to introduce them to the big world in small steps. Our goal is to transform the unfamiliar into the familiar by learning together. Language is an important starting point in this process: it forms the basis for human activity and is vital if children are going to take advantage of educational opportunities and actively participate in society. Our bilingual approach encourages children to have fun engaging with German and French, promoting their language skills from an early age. We also facilitate the development of cognitive, social and motor skills through a combination of targeted projects and free play.

General Information

Childcare age:
0 to 5 years

Number of groups:
1 nursery group
1 kindergarten group

Bilingual German & French

Opening & Closing Hours

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
07.45am - 5.45pm

Closure periods:
• 2 weeks in summer 
• 2 weeks over Christmas 
• 1 team day
• 2 pedagogical days 
• 2 educational training days (after Christi Himmelfahrt and Fronleichnam)

Address and Contact
Petits Géants
Hamburg Lokstedt


Grelckstraße 30
22529 Hamburg

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Daycare contact

Anis Jeridi, daycare management
Lisa Sternberg, deputy management
Questions about settling in and allocation of places — pre-registration is only possible online.

040 589 722 10

0151 566 707 90

Management contact

Advice for parents and sales
Questions about applications and options for covering costs

0711 35 116 40

Office hours:
Monday, 9 to 11am
Tuesday, 2 to 4pm