Belegplatzkontingente bieten Ihnen als Arbeitgeber viele Vorteile

Many companies do not want to invest in or commit to a company-integrated childcare center.

We are aware of this situation and offer a lean solution that allows every employer to purchase slots in our existing Little Giants Early Learning Centers.

This lean approach gives your company the freedom to create a solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Since there are no investments necessary and existing resources are used, employees can benefit from high-quality childcare within a short period of time.

Purchasing slots in existing Littl Giants centers offers several advantages for employers:

You do not need to invest.

Your current assets are available for projects that are aligned with your business strategy.

You have an immediate solution for your employee's childcare needs.

The duration of the contract is flexible, whereas the investment in a company-integrated center constitutes a long-term investment. Your company remains able to react rather quickly to shifts in demographics.

Sponsoring monthly tuition is at the discretion of the employer.