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Child Care Options

Wir wollen Ihnen eine Kinderbetreuungslösung bieten, mit der Sie zufrieden sind.

We know that each each company is unique and needs a solution that is adapted to its needs.

As each employer has a different culture and demographics, we create childcare solutions that focus on the strategic goals of our clients.


Company Child Care Center

BetriebskindertagesstätteCompany child care centers are the best solution for larger companies. A child care facility in proximity to the workplace enable parents to balance their families' needs and their work life.

Slots in Little Giants Child Care Centers

Belegplätze / KontingenteMany companies do not want the to invest in child care and are afraid of the long term commitment of a company child care center. Being aware of these needs, Little Giants offers slots in our existing child care centers.


Optionsrechte auf BelegplätzeIf the demographics of your staff requires the maximum flexibility, our options solution fits your needs.
It is important to us to know the needs of your company and your employess. Therefore the first step in a consulting project is always a thorough demand analysis. The results enable us to create a solution the meets all your needs.

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