Kinderbetreuung ist unsere Kernkompetenz und unser Tagesgeschäft.

For most companies supporting their employees with child care solutions without the support of an external consultant is immensly time consuming and decreases the productivity of the day-to-day business. This is where we can help you. We consult in creating and implementing a strategic plan that is tailored to the needs of your staff.

Our consulting approach

1. demand analysis

It is important to us to know the needs of your company and your employess. Therefore the first step in a consulting project is always a thorough demand analysis. The results enable us to create a solution the meets all your needs.

2. Creating a child care concept

Our demand analysis gives answers to the following quesitons:

How is the child care demand among your staff structured?
How can employer-sponsored child care increase your company's productivity?
How does a child care strategy look like that aligns the needs of your employees with the goals of your company.

Based on the gained insight we will create solution that is perfectly tailored to your company.

3. Implementation

We know the that the best strategy is useless if it is not implemented. Therefore we support you in implementing your child care solution. Whether it is the architectural design of the center, the collaboration with authorities or receiving government grants, our knowledge and our network help you attaining your goals faster.

4. Center management

If your solution is an employer-sponsored child care center, we will take care of its management, giving you time to concentrate on your core business.