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Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Child Care

Vorteile betriebsnaher Kinderbetreuung

Supporting work life balance is important for companies. Not only the increasing the attractivness as an employer, but also higher employee retention and motivation as well as the reduction of absent days make corporate child care solutions financially viable.


Employee retention

Steigerung der Attraktivität als Arbeitgeber

By strengthening employee retention, reducing absence from work and increasing productivity employer-sponsored childcare is not only an investment in your employees, but also in the future of your company. It is a well known fact that especially parents of young children often quit their jobs. Investments in child care can not only prevent the loss of valuable know-how, but also avoid the unproductive orientation phase of new employees.

While your employees benefit from sponsored childcare programs, they are unlikely to change their employer.

Reduction of absent days

Höhere Mitarbeiterbindung, bessere Motivation und gesteigerte Produktivität Employer-sponsored care helps to reduce absent days. Current studies show, that at least half of all parents are at least two days per year absent from work, because of unavailability of their childcare. Considering that half of all childcare solutions in Germany is in-home daycare, this is not surprising.

Higher employee satisfaction

Weniger Mitarbeiterfluktuation und geringere Fehlzeiten Satisfied employees are generally more productive. A company needs to show their employees that they are valuable assets. By helping your employees with childcare you not only achieve higher employee retention, but also increase productivity. Employees, who do not have to worry about the well-being of their child, are more concentrated and productive on their jobs.

Cost reduction

Kostensenkung A family-oriented company saves money. Corporate child care solutions helps you to retain employees with children and to reduce the duration or even to eliminate staff shortages due to parental leave. You will postively influence the following of your HR costs:

Recruiting costs

Your will retain know-how and experience in the company. Parents will return earlier from parental leave. Your company will be more attractive as an employer. You will attract more qualified young and female professionals.

Bridging costs

Staff shortages due to parental leave will be reduced.

Reintegration costs

Reintegration in the company is easier after a shorter parental leave.

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