The world of twos reflects the transitional nature of the third year of life. Our program is designed two facilitate the transition from the sensory-motor world of a one-year-old to an increasingly social world.

Communication skills, determination, the quest for independence and the control over bodily functions rapidly develop in twos.

The transitional nature of experiences a two-year-old child makes can only compared to those of an adolescent person. Just like adolescence is the transition from childhood to adulthood, the transition of a two-year-old is one from the total independence of an infant two a much more independent and mobile world. For both the teenager and the two-year-old these times are sometimes rather frustrating. It is characteristic for two-year-olds that their moods are constantly changing and that they are unsure about what the want to do. Quite often the desire and the imagination of a child exceed its abilities This is why two-year-olds need challenges they can master and experiences that train their skills.

A relaxed atmosphere makes is easier to deal with constant mood changes and irrational behavior. Especially twos need caregivers, who help them while they are learning, who accept their inconsistency and who set necessary limits in a very calm and consistent manner.

The learning environment of twos consists of both learning centers and a creative curriculum. Well planned learning centers support the curriculum and allow children to make their own choices. Language development, mathematical and scientific thinking is emphasized in all Little Giants Early Learning Centers. The learning environment is constantly changed to meet emerging interests and individual goals. Our learning centers offer guided experiences that foster the development of skills and knowledge.