Infants discover our world with all senses and their motor skills. Long before a child understands words like "under" and "distant", they learn to move: climb up and down, crawl under tables or over obstacles. Our rooms offer a rich learning environment with learning centers that focus on maximizing learning experiences:

Large and small motory experiences:

Young infants can grab, kick, pull, stand and crawl. Small children can grasp, throw and manipulate objects, run, climb, push and pull.

Sensory experiences:

At Little Giants children discover different textures, colors, patterns, shapes, smells, tastes and weights.

cognitive experiences:

Children discover object permanence and spatial relation classification. Collecting and dumping, they learn to classify objects. In simple experiments we demonstrate the principles of cause and effect and train problem solving skills.

Language and music:

Communication and language take up a major part of a day at Little Giants. We do reading and language games and discover music, rhymes and sounds.


Art, movement, imitation, first dramatic play and games with dolls and stuffed animals.

Parents' importance:

Our caregivers know, that the relationship between parents and their child is most important. Therefore, parents can visit their child at any time of day. We welcome any ideas and suggestions. Strong parent involvements helps us to continuously improve our services.

What babies and toddlers learn at Little Giants:

Our curriculum is designed to support the development of each child at its own individual pace. We regard care and learning as an inseparable unit. We help children do develop their physical, motor, sensory, cognitive and social skills.