The first three years of life are a magical time that prepares children for the rest of their lives. Each child develops a feeling of autonomy. Therefore, it is imperative to treat every child as an individual and provide the opportunity for self-determined actions.

Infants and Toddlers (2-24 months)

Every parent knows the loud and assertive "No" of a toddler. Eventually, this "No" leads to a "Yes" that is a result of free will. The child develops control over its body and its emotions. Only if children realize that they can influence things and actions, they are ready for the next developmental step: They get aware of their capabilities and realize that they can achieve things. Therefore, young children become active learners and problem solvers, who discover the world around them.

The first three years of life are the most important for the development of the human brain. In these early time of life essential language skills are acquired. Experiences play a vital role in creating links within the brain that are the basis for future intellectual and emotional development.

From birth infants are excellent learners, the examine visual impressions as well as sounds and feel their environment. Little Giants provides babies and young children with a safe environment, which is full of opportunities for active exploration and fun. Children can see, touch, feel and move things. Young children need an environment that is responds with interactions and language.Our caregivers involve babies in regular conversation. They read books, sing songs and respond to the sounds and words of the child. Thus, babies get acquainted with language as a primary means of communication.