Nuremberg Wiesenstraße

Our daycare centre was opened in 2019. It is centrally located in Nuremberg's Südstadt, very close to Aufsessplatz. Our modern, friendly facilities provide an environment where the children feel completely comfortable and secure. Our outdoor area is currently under construction and will offer plenty of space to play once it is complete. Once a month, we go on group excursions, for example to the zoo, to Nuremberg airport, to the theatre, or to the extensive playground at “Erfahrungsfeld der Sinne”. Relevant topics are prepared and documented in groups before and afterwards.

Educational concept

In our daycare centre, we offer a blend of group activities and free play: on the one hand, our little giants enjoy the security and belonging offered by their regular group, on the other hand, they are free to make friends with children from other groups. 

Our educational work is focused on language development and communication. We also aim to give our children an awareness of the importance of respectful interactions with people from different countries. The older children are prepared for the transition to primary school with our daily pre-school activities.  

We create individual portfolios together with the children throughout their time with us. This provides a record of each child’s personal development and encourages them to explore their skills, creative abilities and special experiences.

An excellent and trusting collaboration with parents is very important to us: transparent, equitable communication is central to our philosophy.

General information

Childcare age:
from age 3 to 4th grade (4. Klasse in the German system)

Number of groups:
2 kindergarten groups 
1 after school group


Opening & Closing Hours

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
08.00am - 5.00pm

Closure periods:
- 2 weeks in summer 
- 2 weeks over Christmas


Registration is via the Kita-Portal or the city of Nuremberg.


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Address and Contact
Kleine Riesen
Nuremberg Wiesenstraße


Wiesenstrasse 43
90443 Nuremberg

Daycare contact

Stephanie Kastl, daycare management
Questions about settling in and allocation of places — pre-registration is only possible online

0911 40 99 84 70





Management contact

Advice for parents and sales
Questions about applications and options for covering costs

0711 35 116 40

Office hours:
Monday, 9 to 11am
Tuesday, 2 to 4pm