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Nursery and Kindergarten

Lochackerstrasse 4, 76456 Kuppenheim

Our Kleine Riesen child care center in Kuppenheim ist conveniently located between Baden Baden and Rastatt. The center has a beautiful outdoor play area and offers lots of space for exploration for children from 8 weeks til 6 years.

Information on our Kuppenheim Child Care Center

Address Lochackerstrasse 4, 76456 Kuppenheim
Phone (0711) 35 116 40
Fax (0711) 35 116 417
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Ages groups 8 weeks - 6 years
Bilingual curriculum

  • German

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Opening hours 7 am - 5 pm

Here you will find: Kuppenheim

{google_map}Lochackerstrasse 4, 76456 Kuppenheim{/google_map}